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Invitation-LCR’s Luncheon–Thursday 8/8/19

Dear LCR Members, Friends and Supporters,

The Latino Community Roundtable (LCR), an IRC 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, cordially invites you to attend our next monthly luncheon.

LCR will dedicate August’s luncheon to the issue of Education.  The education of all our children, including Latinos, is of utmost importance to all of us, especially those in low income areas where the future may not look so bright for them.  Not all children can, or are able to, go to college.  It is important to know what is going on in our County in terms of graduating our children from high school and what is the next step—Can they obtain vocational education to help them become successful adults so they can reach the American Dream? 

Come and be part of this important conversation about education in our County.

This luncheon event will take place Thursday, August 8th, 2019, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at the Red Event Center, located at 921 8th Street, Modesto, CA.  (Please see attached flyer.) 

This month’s distinguished speaker will be our County Superintendent of Schools, Scott Kuykendall, who was elected last year to that position.  He will speak about what his new position entails and inform us about what approach his office is taking to educate our youth and adults so they can eventually become gainfully employed adults. What schools, programs or services are, or may become, available for those that do not go on to college?  Which ones seem to be working better? He may speak about the Military Academy.  Is it the right educational site and tool to educate our undisciplined, troubled youth?  The speech will follow a Q&A from the floor by anyone in attendance.

—As always, a delicious Mexican buffet meal will be served at this luncheon.  Food is available before 12:00 p.m., and the program will start at 11:45 a.m.  Cost is $20 at the door. Courtesy table reservations of four (4) or more are available. For more info., contact Amanda Duran at 209-447-4493, or the writer at 209-567-1040. 

Other Notes:

  1. Karen Warner from our Congressman Josh Harder’s district office has informed us that if any of you are interested in getting our Congressman’s newsletter, please go to: and sign up for it.
  2. ***Coming to LCR.

-For September 5th, U.S. Rep. Josh Harder will speak on water, jobs, health care, and immigration;

-For October 17th, Assemblyman Adam Gray will speak on issues that affect the Valley, i.e., homelessness, health care, jobs, immigration and water.

-November and forward, LCR elections and candidates’ forums for State Senate and County Board of Supervisors, among others.  Heads up: Nothing in LCR’s bylaws state that business members get to vote twice. Therefore, only one vote per member will be allowed.

Thank you for supporting LCR, a full volunteer organization with non-paid staff.




LCR Position on Current Issues

1. Renaming Mellis Park and King Kennedy Memorial Center to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Park and Center

LCR’s Board of Directors supports the efforts being made by The Committee to Change  the Name of Mellis Park to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr Park, and King Kennedy Center to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr Center, in working collaboratively with the City of Modesto to make such changes.

The Board recognizes that Reverend King fought for the civil rights of African-Americans just as Cesar Chavez fought for the rights of the Latino community.

2. National High School Walkout in Protest of Ongoing Gun Violence in Schools

The Latino Community Roundtable of Stanislaus County (LCR) Board of Directors supports the National High School Walkout on April 20th (the 19th Anniversary of the Columbine shooting) in protest of ongoing gun violence in schools.


LCR’s Board also supports DACA.
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an American immigration policy that allows some individuals, under restrictive conditions, who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country without legal permission to do so, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit.

4. Bail Reform

LCR supports Bail Reform, Senate Bill 10, now pending in the legislature.  The Eighth amendment of the constitution prohibits excessive bail. All Californians should have the right to bail without experiencing financial hardship that affects minorities and low income people in our state, excluding defendants charged with violent crime, sex offenses, or when the court finds that defendant’s release will be a danger to society.

5. Universal Healthcare

LCR supports Universal Healthcare for all Californians. Healthcare should not only be affordable to high income earners, but to everybody regardless of income.  The free market should not dictate who stays healthy or who does not.


 All U.S. citizens should be able to vote.

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