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Improving the Latino Community of Stanislaus County

The Latino Community Roundtable (LCR) is committed to improving the political, social and economic conditions of Latinos in Stanislaus County. LCR will leverage the status and power of existing organizations and will serve as a think-tank to provide direction and leadership to the entire Latino community. 

We are a non-partisan political educational organization engaged in furthering the social welfare of the Latino Community of Stanislaus County through educational and other activities under IRC 501(c)(4) since 1997.


Josh Harder for Congress
For Congress D-10

I’m running for re-election because we’ve made important progress but there’s a lot left to do. I write to respectfully request your endorsement.


I never thought I’d run for office. But when Donald Trump and his party pushed to take health care away from over 100,000 people here in the Valley – including my brother David who was born premature – I knew I had to get involved. In my first term, we’ve secured funding for water projects which will protect agriculture-related jobs for all members of our community. I fought to pass the first bipartisan immigration reform legislation through the House in decades, and during the Coronavirus Pandemic, my office has taken the lead on bringing direct services to our community.


In addition to what we’ve been able to achieve together, both of our organizations know the stakes in this election. My opponent has compared DACA recipients to pedophiles and referred to immigrants as “foreign invaders.” He is not the right choice to represent the diversity that has made the Valley strong for generations.


My first priority is protecting our jobs and way of life – especially in relation to the agriculture industry. Westside farmers are forced to lay off a third of their workforce during drought years – that’s a killer for local workers and businesses that rely on farmers’ ability to irrigate their crops. That’s why I worked to secure millions for local water projects – including the first new federal funding for a water project in this district in 50 years. Once the project is complete, hiring will remain steady, protecting jobs for thousands of workers.


Earlier this year we also passed legislation to reform our failing immigration system – especially for farmworkers. The bill is supported both by the agriculture community and leading immigrants rights’ organizations throughout the country.


When we learned the Coronavirus disproportionately affected members of the Latino community, we launched the Covid-19 Emergency Latino Task Force to engage local leaders and encourage other elected officials to join us in pushing for more relief for the Latino community in the Valley. I was also proud to vote for a bill which would lower drug costs by up to 75%.


In addition to my work, I’d ask for your endorsement because my opponent is a danger to Latinos – and other nonwhite members of the Central Valley Community. Ted Howze has a history of making racist statements and pushing conspiracy theories. Once his statements were made public, your own organization rightly called on him to drop out of the race. In addition to his racist personal history, Ted’s policy positions are well outside the norm and would have adverse effects on the Latino community. Ted wants to raise the retirement age for social security, take away health care for people with preexisting conditions, and opposes bipartisan immigration reform.


I appreciate all of the collaboration my office has had with the Latino Community Roundtable over my first term. I look forward to continuing that work together next year and respectfully ask for your endorsement.


Kristi Ah You for Mayor
For Mayor of Modesto  

Latino Community Roundtable

 Dear Board of Directors,

 Modesto needs to elect a Mayor that is prepared from day one to get to work for you! I currently serve as Vice Mayor of Modesto, and I am ready to use my 5 years of experience on the City Council to hit the ground running as your Mayor. With the recent loss of city revenue due to COVID19, we had to close a $9.8M budget gap this year alone. I will fight for the best interests for the future of our City, our employees, and all of our citizens.

As Council Member, I have chaired the City’s Safety & Communities Committee. I have also served on the Mayor’s 100-day budget committee, City Finance Committee, City Audit Committee, County Solid Waste to Energy, City/ County Joint Powers Authority, Community Housing and Community Development Corporation, and The Tuolumne River Regional Park Committee. 

 I will continue to lead OUR City of Modesto with integrity, empathy, and a focus on cultivating effective leadership. When decisive leadership is required, I will act. My education and experience includes B.S. in Business Management, along with successful financial management in both the public and private sectors. I value integrity, authenticity, honesty, equality, respect, human dignity and social justice.  I have a proven record of advocating for the rights of all people.

My top priorities include our finances (your tax dollars) at City Hall, while protecting jobs and people. Some of my deepest concerns are our housing crisis, our homeless population, and working on affordable housing solutions. In addition, I would like to continue to focus on keeping Modesto safe. We must consider our resources, for example investing in our trees, parks, streets, utilities and water. When working on these projects it is imperative that all areas of our community are represented, especially in our underserved communities.

Many times the focus is on downtown without considering all of the businesses throughout our community. The household income disparity between South and West Modesto at approximately $31,000 per household to North & East Modesto of $58,000 represents a completely different set of priorities that need to be recognized and addressed in our decision making process at City Hall.

We must Grow Modesto’s economy, protect Modesto’s businesses, and invest in those that have progressive ideas and are contributing to our local economy. The Latino (Latinx) community is vital to Modesto’s growth and sustainability.

When COVID19 first spread to our community, our Latino population was impacted by the spread of the virus, because they are our essential workers. We need a robust plan for relaying much needed health & safety information in the future, to our underrepresented communities.

I have lived in Modesto my entire life.  I love our community enough to be honest enough to say there is always room for improvement. My husband Bart Ah You and I have a wonderful family with six children, four grandchildren and a fifth one the way! Bart and I work together, and enjoy a life that involves family, friends, and community.

I have been a long-term supporter of the Latino Community Roundtable and have contributed beyond just being a member. As a Managing Partner for Franklin & Downs, we received Amigo of the year, and a 15-year service award. We were also involved in the first years of Dia De Los Muertos, and sponsored the Cesar Chavez luncheon every year for as long as I have been with my business.

I humbly request your endorsement and respectfully ask that for your vote in the upcoming Mayoral Election. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Latino Community Roundtable.

Kind Regards,

Kristi Ah You

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Hunter Sauls for City Council in Modesto, CA
For Modesto City 
Council Seat 6

My name is Hunter Sauls and I am running for Modesto City Council for District 6. I have lived in Modesto almost my entire life, only leaving to serve my country in the US Army. I came home after being discharged and joined the National Guard here in Modesto. I am running for City Council because I want to help my community and my home. For the past year I’ve been told by many folks in Modesto that their faith in the city government is lacking and I want to bring that faith back to the people. To show them that they will have a government that they can trust, talk with, and always believe in. Transparency and honesty are some of the things that I will commit to making sure the people of my district and the city will always have from me. The recent Covid pandemic has brought along terrible harm to our city economy and most notably our local businesses here in Modesto. I want tp push to make sure that our businesses, all our businesses, can remain open as long as proper Covid precautions are taken. I will also push to increase businesses incentives and lower the costs and fees of business licenses so that new businesses can come to Modesto, and more jobs can become available to the citizens of Modesto. I am committed to bringing a positive and fresh change to Modesto, I want to bring the voice and presence of the youth of Modesto to the city council, and I want to stop playing politics in city council and get to work and get work done for my district, for my city, and for my home. I would like the LCR to endorse me because not only do I support any and all efforts to improve the political, social, and economic conditions of the Latino community in Stanislaus County, but the LCR is a non-partisan organization and in this race that is supposed to be non-partisan for a non-partisan office, it is important to show that non-partisanship is what this city needs and how we can work towards the betterment of the entire city and those who live here. We do not have to, or need to play partisan politics in City Hall, nor are we supposed to. I believe that if the LCR endorses myself for this office, then we can take another step towards having a non-partisan government that only wants to do right by its people. Like it should be. Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you will see fit to honor me with your endorsement.


Rosa Escutia Bratton for City Council for Modesto, CA
For Modesto City Council
Seat 1

I am Rosa Escutia-Braaton and I am running for Modesto City Council, District 1.  I am also a long standing member of the Latino Community Roundtable.

I am currently a Planning Commissioner for the City of Modesto in my second term. I have over 25 years of public and private sector experience, including working in the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations serving as a Public Relations Director for the State Lottery.  I also have experience in serving as a bridge and facilitating dialogue amongst diverse communities.  I  enjoy being active in my community including serving as past chair for the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Fellow of the American Leadership Forum, Alumni of the FBI Citizens Academy, member of the Stanislaus Medical Society Alliance, and volunteer for the Stanislaus Catholic Charities, among many other charitable organizations. 

My passion for my community has motivated me to pursue this seat…I am running to end the dysfunction on our current city council; ensure public safety remains top priority; and advocate to bring necessary jobs and housing to Modesto.  I am currently endorsed by the Modesto City Firefighters, the Local Carpenters union, and many community leaders. I am seeking the endorsement of the Latino Community Roundtable because I am proud to be Latina, born in Mexico, and now a naturalized U.S. citizen. I have the experience and passion to advocate for the Latino community on our City Council.  I thank you for your consideration and humbly ask for your endorsement.


Chris Ricci for City Council
For Modesto City
Council Seat 3

What We Do

LCR Endorsement Description

The mission of Latino Community Roundtable of Stanislaus County is to improve the political, social and economic conditions of Latinos in Stanislaus County.

When a candidate or ballot measure receives the LCR endorsement, it is done through an endorsement process whereby LCR members in good standing cast their ballots for candidates or ballot measures of their choice at duly noticed membership meetings. 

To receive the LCR endorsement means that said endorsed candidate/measure supports LCR’s mission and LCR has the commitment to work with her/him/them after their election/passage.

LCR Support for Endorsed Candidates

Candidates or ballot measures that receive the endorsement of the Latino Community Roundtable of Stanislaus County will receive the following for their campaign:


  • Permission to use LCR logo and/or name on their campaign public statements, promotional materials, websites, social media
  • LCR will publicize/promote their endorsement of the candidate/measure on our communications with our members via email, website, social media, and events/meetings
  • Permission to bring their campaign materials and/or recruit volunteers at LCR events/meetings/luncheons

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